The credit card breach at Target has major companies looking at ways to tighten security.  In Europe, the so-called "chip-n-pin" approach makes it harder on thieves.  Cyber security expert Chris Bronk says that leads European banks to offer less protection when a customer is defrauded.

“If you have fraud, it's your fault.  We don't believe you,” Bronk explains.  “Whereas, here, it's pretty easy.  When you say, hey, I have fraudulent charge.  I want to challenge it.  It's pretty easy to pull off.  So, it's a very different mindset.”

The European approach involves a small computer -- a micro-chip -- embedded in the card.  It would cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make the switch here.  Would it be better, overall?

Better or worse?  On the face of it, the technology is better,” he says, “but, like any security technology, it got old, and when a security technology gets out, you find the problems with it.”