Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan is suing gang members in yet another attempt to keep them out of a local neighborhood.

"We're asking for an injunction that would forbid 37 members of Bloods and 17 members of Crips from being present in the East Aldine Safety Zone," Ryan tells KTRH News. 

"That's an area of 217 acres east of Highway 59 and south of Bush Intercontinental Airport," he says.

This is the second so-called "safety zone" set up by Ryan's office.  The first was in the Braes Oaks area of southwest Houston which Ryan says gives police the ability to arrest gang members just for being there.

"If they're just in the zone, or if police see somebody wearing paraphernalia, that in itself is a violation of the law," says Ryan.  "They don't have to see them stealing something; they don't have to see them with illegal drugs or alcohol."

"These areas are hubs of the criminal activity, or of the gangs' activity, so it takes away the center point of where they've been and what they've been doing," he says.