If the price on that Luis Vuitton handbag looks too good to be true, you may be buying something which is counterfeit.  The crime is growing as the holidays approach and people are looking for bargains to make their Christmas budget go further. 

Federal agents say they are trying to help consumers avoid being scammed.

“Not just get fooled by the price and the pictures that you're seeing, but actually look at the website,” says Homeland Security Investigations assistant agent-in-charge Richard Halverson.  “You can start to see things that should raise red flags in your head and maybe cause you to go, 'you know what, maybe I shouldn't be buying from this website.'”

Halverson says his federal agency is working with national, state and local agencies to crack down on the sale of counterfeit items, and on those which might threaten your health.

He advises buyers to look carefully at the product.  You should check out the small print on the website.

“You start finding spelling errors, the grammar is not correct, they're using a hotmail.com e-mail address as the way you can contact them,” he says.