A polarizing billboard that made waves recently in Los Angeles is coming to Houston next month. It’s one that that has many people shaking their heads.

The company is Snore Stop, and the billboard shows an American soldier embracing a Muslim woman. So why did the company pick Houston?

“It’s a very diverse area,” Melody Devemark of Snore Stop told KTRH. “We just wanted to bring our message of love to Houston.”

But what does the camping have to do with a product that helps you stop snoring?

“We think about diverse couples that have had to overcome obstacles to be together. Why let a little think like snoring keep them apart?” Devemark asked.

So what is the message? And what does it have to do with helping people to stop snoring?

“We are trying to show that love is love,” Devemark said.

Devemark admits the campaign has gotten its share of negative reactions.

“It’s a mixed reaction. We feel the positive will overcome the negative,” Devemark stated.

The company is calling the ad campaign 'Be Together.' Dennis Adams at the University of Houston doesn't think it's going to work.

“It’s going to get the company’s name out. But whether it sells more of their product, I’m not sure,” Adams told KTRH. “It won’t have the same kind of lasting effect that other campaigns have had in the past.”