The story of Houston area Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell is hitting home with many of you. In fact, one local movie theater went to extremes to make sure you got to see what turned out to be the most popular movie of the weekend.

The Grand Theater in Conroe had so many people wanting to see Mark Wahlberg's 'Lone Survivor' they took the unusual step of cancelling other movies on Saturday so that all the people who came to see the movie could get in. The movie is based on what happened to Luttrell nine years ago in Afghanistan.

“To qualify for our ranks you have to be willing to give up everything,” Luttrell said in an interview promoting the movie.

And that almost happened on the failed mission that saw Luttrell lose some of his best friends.

“I was unconscious multiple times. I couldn’t quit. That wasn’t going to happen,” Luttrell said.

And he explained to KTRH's Michael Berry how he got through that day.

“I just reverted back to my training and the way I was raised. Always get back up, no matter how hard you are knocked down,” he stated,

So why is the movie hitting home for so many of you?

“It’s not a movie that throws something in your face. Not religion. Not politics. It’s not pro-war or anti-war,” he explained.

And by taking in over 38 million dollars this weekend, Lone Survivor was Number One at the box office, beating movies like 'The Legend of Hercules' and 'The Wolf of Wall Street.'