The Northwestern University union case goes to Capitol Hill where the House Education and Workforce Committee hears testimony on a Chicago labor director's ruling allowing scholarship athletes to unionize.

"We share the concerns of players that progress is too slow, but forming a union is not the answer,” said Minnesota Republican John Kline.

Economist Andy Schwarz called the NCAA a price-fixing cartel, generating big bucks through broadcast deals.

“Americans have a legal right to economic markets free of collusion,” Schwarz told the committee.  “Until that right is respected for college athletes, of course they'll seek collective alternatives.”

Walter Champion at Texas Southern University says not all courts agree whether the definition of an employee is a scholarship athlete or not.

“If you don't report to camp or training, they will let you go,” Champion tells KTRH News.  “So that's basically what an employee is.”

Many expect the Chicago director's ruling will be upheld by the National Labor Relations Board.