Texas is one of only seven states to reject Common Core State Standards in local schools, but that doesn't mean elements of it haven't already made it into classrooms.

State education officials adopted CSCOPE instead, but critics argue that was written by the same authors of Common Core.

“Because CSCOPE has been such a hot item in the press and among parent groups, now they are calling it TEKS resources – the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills resources,” says Cathie Adams with the Texas Eagle Forum.

A new Gallup poll shows most Americans dislike Common Core and doubt standardized testing helps schools.  Adams says that's because the goal of Common Core goes against our foundation by trying to equalize Islam with Judeo-Christian thinking.

“In Judeo-Christian thinking there is a right or a wrong and its very clear,” she says.  “Its not you kill somebody if they don't agree with you, and if you kill in the name of a God that is an automatic entry into heaven.”

Common Core does this, says Adams, by diluting American history and literature.  And she says parents need to know.

“We will work with them and will defend our childrens' right to grow up to be all they can be,” says Adams.  “Certainly not with a national curriculum that is anti-American in many ways, but with a pride when they salute the flag of the United States of America.”