Comedian Bill Maher has never been confused with being a pro-gun rights kind of guy. You’re not going to see him at a gun rights rally anytime soon. He normally takes shots at and makes fun of people who believe in the Second Amendment. His latest attempt to do that seems to have backfired on him.

Maher, on his HBO show last week, took a shot at the book 'My Parents Open Carry,’ which is about a 13-year old girl whose parents are both licensed gun owners. But the joke, according to author Brian Jeffs, had the opposite effect.

“We’re now the number one kids book under the government category at Amazon,” Jeffs told KTRH. “It’s been better than what we expected. The national exposure has helped us. We’re riding it, and enjoying it.”

And considering the book's been out for two years, Jeffs says he's happy for what Maher has wound up doing for the book's success. He also says he doesn’t have any hard feelings towards the comedian.

“That’s his profession. He didn’t know what the book was about. He was looking at the cover and making fun of that. He’s not really a pro-gun kind of guy,” Jeffs explained. “I don’t take it personally.”

Jeffs, who is part of an open carry group in Michigan, says he and Nathan Nephew wrote the book because they hadn't come across any kids books about the Second Amendment.