The social media program "Shape Up Houston" wants you to eat healthy and live longer.  An app is being offered to help you cut back and take a “selfie” if you want to join in what is being sold as a fun campaign to get the city healthier.  But, 740 KTRH talk show host Michael Berry questions whether the mayor should be monitoring your calorie intake.

“Nobody elects the mayor of any city to tell them what foods they can eat,” Berry says.  “Government serves the people, the people don't serve the government.”

The average American eats almost 38 hundred calories a day, while doctors say you should stop chewing at 24 hundred calories if you're a man, two-thousand if you're a woman. 

Berry doesn’t like the pressure, even if it’s offer with a  smile.

“It is absolutely arrogant for Annise Parker to tell us what we should and should not eat.”