A lawyer representing four Houston fire marshal inspectors claims city-owned buildings pose a possible safety risk due to director orders from their supervisors not to cite them for code violations.  Randall Kallinen aired their concerns to the mayor and city council Tuesday.

“The fire marshal inspectors were ordered not to issue citations and not to charge inspection fees,” Kallinen told council members.

"There's many addresses were there have been reports made of violations and an inspection, and in two cases a re-inspection and nothing has been done,” he said.

Mayor Annise Parker dismissed the claim as untrue.

“It is the city's policy not to write citations on the first visit, but to get compliance,” said Parker.  She says 277 city-owned properties have been inspected since February -- only 21 had issues that needed to be taken care of.

“Records indicate that we have achieved compliance on everything they indicated was in violation, and we hope not to receive any citations,” the mayor said.

Kallinen went on to raise concerns by inspectors about overtime and how assignments are doled out.

Council member “Brad” Bradford said it sounded like a collective bargaining issue.

A top fire commander also has reportedly dismissed the inspectors' claims, describing them as disgruntled employees.