Local church leaders are expecting large crowds for midnight mass this Christmas Eve as many of the so-called 'Creasters' or 'Twice-a-Years' squeeze in another holiday service.

Dave Welch at the Houston Area Pastor Council says all that matters is they come and share in the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

“Those that feel drawn to come and to attend, there's something about this story that appeals to and attracts the human heart,” Welch tells KTRH News.

Welch says the key is making that connection on a personal level.

“We pray that they come out of each Christmas service believing their lives can be changed and the love of God and his power of truth is available to all,” he says.

So instead of just putting on a show, Welch says its important churches take the time to deliver the real 'reason for the season,' a message that can resonate throughout the year.

“Our challenge to the churches is ultimately let's get down to the basics of making sure we're responsible for sharing the fundamental truth and let God work in the hearts as he wills,” says Welch.