Guacamole lovers rejoice!  Shortly after news broke that Chipotle Mexican Grill may have to "suspend" guacamole due to so-called “climate change,” the fast-food chain said the issue was "way overblown" and ensured customers “the sky is not falling.”

The concern surfaced in Chipotle's annual report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission last month.

Paul Winski at Texas A&M’s AgriLife Extension says the real challenge is Chipotle relies heavily on using local avocado growers, putting the chain at-risk of regional weather such as flooding or drought.

“So that challenge is getting avocados from that area into their stores,” Winski tells KTRH News.  “A lot of these growers have to be more sustainable and more organic, so they may face other challenges that some of the larger producers don't face.”

Winski says at last check, avocado growers in Texas are doing fine, adding there's no shortage of guacamole here.

“When you're in farming or agriculture, Mother Nature is always going to have a hand in how successful you are,” he says.  “You're always going to have challenges, not just the weather, it could be disease issues or insect issues, there's always something you have to be ready for.”