Child advocates claim Texas may be number one in job creation, but the Lone Star State ranks 42nd in children's well-being. If true, some think the answer still lies with parents, rather than more government.

While the Annie E Casey Foundation wants more welfare, Houston family therapist Mary Jo Rapini says parents are the answer.

"And you have to be stable; you have to bring your child every morning, you have to pack a lunch and those kinds of things take planning."

Rapini says our values are out of whack.

"Education and really raising kids that are mannerly and polite is secondary. Somehow parents think that's magically going to happen and it doesn't."

Rapini says too often, Texas parents value things like cell phones over teaching children proper behavior at home.

"We've lost or we've misplaced the idea that a cell phone is more important than teaching your child at home their letters and their colors and I don't know how that happened, but it has definitely happened."