Raise your hand if you love chicken nuggets. You may never eat them again after reading this.

Chicken nuggets have long been that go-to quick meal for millions of American families.  Some however, still find the tasty, deep-fried, pop-in-your-mouth treat a little odd, and now a recent study confirms their fear.

“I think we all generally have a sense they're not good for us,” says local food blogger Jodie Eisenhardt @foodiehouson.  “I wonder how many people know really how disgusting they are.”

The scientific study revealed just 50-percent of a nugget comes from chicken breast or thigh meat, the rest is fat, blood vessels, nerves, cartilage and bone.

Eisenhardt hopes this latest revelation motivates parents to be more aware of the foods they give their children.

“If you get the information about what is actually in your food, it will surprise you,” she says.  “I think its that way with a lot of the processed foods, things that come in a box, come in a bag or come in a can.”

The nuggets tested for the study came from two fast-food giants, though the restaurant chains continue to fight the nugget's poor reputation with claims of "100-percent white meat" or “USDA approved.”