Are you ready to use a cell phone powered by your own urine?

Researchers in the UK have been working on a new type of power cell that does exactly that.  The new power cell uses micro-organisms similar to the ones found in the human digestive track.  The microbes eat the urine and give off electricity.

Dr. Ioannis Ieropoulos of the University of the West of England is leading the research and says their new power cell has advanced enough to power a cell phone,  "Urine is exceptionally good for fuel for those micro-organisms."

Dr. Ieropoulos says the new technology will play the biggest role in developing countries where access to reliable electricity is scarce.  So far the fuel cells run on about 50 mililiters of urine but they have created urine tanks as small as 1 mililiter, making it small enough to carry around with your cell phone.

Currently the amount of electricity created by the new fuel cell is only enough for about one cell phone call.  But, the researchers say the technology could easily be installed in public bathrooms, where urine is in ample supply.