Protective parents wanting to know where their kids are can go online, enter their cell phone number and track them down quickly.  In the current climate of worrying about privacy, Hi-Tech Texan Michael Garfield says you shouldn’t have privacy concerns.

“The thing is though, you need to opt in,” Garfield says.  “You need somebody to okay it on that cell phone.  It's always been that way.”

That means your strange next-door neighbor won’t be tracking you without your permission or knowledge.

And, he says, this is nothing new, pointing out the technology has existed for years, using the GPS on your phone.  Your cell phone company can triangulate the towers your signal passes through to come up with a close approximation of where you are.

“There are lots of positives of being able to track a cell phone,” Garfield says.  “I am the father of three kids right now and two of them drive.  I want to know where they are at any given time.”