Catholics will take their push for immigration reform to the pews this Sunday, part of a nationwide effort to gain Republican support.

Church leaders say the immigration issue is at a now-or-never moment, so some Bishops will use Mass to urge Congressional passage of a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants.

Many Latino immigrants are Catholics and represent a critical demographic for the church.

“The Catholic League proudly stands with the Bishops in its dedication to immigration reform, it is long overdue,” says the League's Bill Donohue.  “Its not perfect, but its better than the status quo.”

This Sunday's message is certain to catch the attention of Catholic Congressional members who make up just over 30 percent of the House and Senate.

Donohue insists the Church remains conservative on moral issues, but sides with liberals when it comes to social and economic issues.

“If for no other reason the Catholic League supports this is because we do share the exasperation with both parties for not doing much on this issue,” Donohue tells KTRH News.  “We've heard a lot of talk, and almost no action.”

Last month, an evangelical group launched a million-dollar radio advertising blitz to convince Republican House members to support a path toward citizenship. The ads target lawmakers in 56 congressional districts -- including right here in Texas.

"We've seen a lot of Republicans who are described as decidedly conservative beginning to take a fresh look at this issue," says Deacon Sam Dunning with the Archdioces of Galveston-Houston.

Dunning tells KTRH News a pathway to citizenship is the only humane decision for handling illegal immigrants.

"They change the sheets in our hotel rooms, they cook the food in our restaurants, they trim our hedges, and yet they are living in the shadows," he says.