With the Astros in Saint Louis, we're hearing about a decision the Cardinals made to remove a cross carved into the pitching mound -- to honor legendary Cardinal Stan Musial. The Cardinals say it's club policy and MLB policy to keep pitching mounds uniform across baseball.  

Sportstalk 790 host Matt Thomas says it's much ado about nothing.

"Frankly I don't think 99% of baseball fans would notice anything around the mound except the guy that's actually pitching on it."                 

Thomas says he's not aware of any religious symbols at Minute Maid or the Astrodome. But it is common to honor players and managers who die.

"You've seen guys hang jerseys up in the dugout if a player has passed or a patch if a manager or a member of the organization has passed away."

Eric Anderson of the Greater Houston Fellowship of Christian Athletes says he wouldn't mind seeing more religious symbols in stadiums, but he understands the Cardinals' policy.

"We're taught as Christians to respect -- whether it's the government authority or policy of the ball clubs."

The Cardinals' GM says as soon as he heard about it, he ordered the cross removed. Anderson says that doesn't interfere with his beliefs.

"I don't think the policy hinders actually living a life of faith and leading others to Jesus Christ."