A big weekend for Catholics as not one, but two former Popes will become saints on Sunday. 


Cardinal Daniel DiNardo is at The Vatican, he tells KTRH News there's a reason both John XXIII and John Paul II will be canonized at the same time.


"One who inaugurated the Second Vatican Council, and the other who in his long 25, 26 years of being Pope helped to bring aspects of the Council through to the whole church," says DiNardo.


"In my mind, Pope Francis is being very savvy in bringing the two together," he says.


DiNardo says Pope John also brought a certain caring to the papacy.


"He had been one of The Vatican's representatives in Turkey during the war, so he got to know the Orthodox," he says.  "Also during that time, he became acquainted with the terrible plight of the Jewish people."


Critics argue John Paul II ignored years of abuse by priests, and therefore is undeserving of becoming a saint.  DiNardo defends the Pope who made appointed him Bishop in 1997.


"To the extent that John Paul II was aware that he would take action, I'm not always sure how much aware he was," says DiNardo.


He instead credits John Paul II's work to end communism in Europe, and his use of the media to become the most visible Pope in history.