A recent car break-in at a Houston area gym serves as a reminder to take out your valuables and to secure your vehicle. 

Last Saturday Amy Wendt went to work out at LA Fitness off of Beltway 8 near West Road in northwest Harris County when became a target.  While she was in the gym the thieves were getting their work out in her car. 

Wendt said when she came out of the gym the culprits broke her window to get what they wanted, her GPS.  She says it will cost her $400.00 to replace the window and her GPS.  She told KTRH's television partner Local 2, "You work hard for your money so it's very frustrating when someone else comes along and decides to take it from you." 

Wendt said the LA Fitness staff told her there had been several car burglaries recently.  The gym has been handing out flyers to remind patrons to be on alert.  Police said this is a wide spread problem because thieves know people are usually in the gym for an extended period of time.  Their advice, leave your valuables at home and don't leave anything in your vehicle in plain sight.