Maybe you are one of the many people out there who dread going to the office on a Monday morning because you just can’t stand someone you work with. As a society we seem to have issues just being civil with each other. And new research seems to back that up

According to the newest ‘Civility in America’ survey, 70% of you said incivility has reached crisis levels in this country. And many of you are lashing out in ways you normally wouldn’t. Therapist Wendy Rice told KTRH we aren't handling our stress well.

“There’s a lot of displaced anger. Instead of dealing with it at the office or with the person stressing you out you take it out on some unsuspecting person,” Rice said.

And the cause of that stress?

“Money is tight for a lot of people. That stresses people out to no end. You’re less patient. Your fuse is shorter,” Rice stated.

Rice says some of the incivility we see is a direct result of the confrontations we see on reality television shows, even if some of those confrontations are ‘setups.’

“People start to think that’s normal. If that’s what you’re exposed to then maybe it’s okay to act that way,” Rice explained.

So how do we solve the problem?

“We need to treat people the way we want to be treated. When we catch ourselves talking down to people or being rude we need to stop and take a step back,” Rice said.

Some other numbers from the survey; 26% say they quit their job because of incivility at work. And the average American says they experience incivility online more than eight times a week.