The American Cancer Society is looking for Houstonians who want to help fights cancer.

The nation wide Cancer Prevention Study (CPS-3) hopes to have 300,000 participants in their 20-year study.  Researchers are looking to find new causes of cancer and possible lifestyles that are naturally cancer preventative.

Tracy Guara with the American Cancer Society says, "we are looking for 1,400 people in the Houston area to take part in the study."  Initially subjects in the study fill out a questionaire, get their waist measured, and have a blood sample taken.  Then for the next 20 years you will take a survey every three years.

The survey focuses on factors in your life, like lifestyle, diet, genetic history, and environmental situations.  Guara says a similar study was done in the 1950's that led to the connection between cancer and smoking.

The American Cancer Society hopes the wealth of information gathered over the course of the study will help find new connections between cancer and its causes.

There are multiple sites around Houston for people to sign up for the study.  If you aer interested in signing up for the study click here.  You must be between the ages of 30 and 65 with no previous cancer diagnoses.