A growing number of people are becoming weary of their ties to the Internet, and many are asking if there's any way to completely scrub their identity from a simple search?

Who hasn't Googled their name and found at least a few links?  There are various sites now set up to help you become a ghost to the Internet, most offer instructions on how to close out memberships.

Tech experts say you can start by deleting your accounts with the Big Four -- Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and Google Plus.  Doing so would remove a majority of what comes up under most people's name.

Still, KTRH IT guru Russ Carroll says you really can't delete everything.

“I think there might be ways of removing yourself from getting indexed, where it might lessen your chance of some sort of search parameter,” Carroll says. “I think once something is on the Internet, there's always going to be some sort of backup.”

That's where you have to start cleaning up the scraps, such as old MySpace accounts, Yahoo! Sports and any other site you signed up for, but never used.

Maybe, just maybe, you could come close to removing it all.  Carroll says its hard to do because most large companies store their information on huge servers.

“Everybody backs up everything, so what you're looking at currently on Google is just a snapshot of time,” he says.  “If you go back a week, what was the snapshot then?”