Now that the matchups for November’s elections are set, you might be thinking Texas Democrats have no chance to win any of the state offices that are up for grabs. After all, no Texas Democrat has turned the trick since 1994. But some Republican operatives aren’t sure the streak will continue.

Strategist Bill Miller told KTRH that State Senator Leticia Van De Putte could pull it off against Senator Dan Patrick in the Lt. Governor's race.

“The Democrats feel they have a fair shot at defeating Patrick. That’s arguable, but she’s the one that could win. In fact, she’s the only one in my opinion that could win,” Miller said.

And how come he sees Van De Putte as having a real shot against Patrick?

“She’s Hispanic and an attractive woman. They think the combination of the rhetoric that inspires the electorate on the Democratic side and an attractive candidate gives them a good shot,” Miller explained.

It seems like much of the air has gone out of Wendy Davis' balloon in the Governor's race less than a year after she rose to stardom in the Texas abortion debate.

“Her campaign is not lining up any billboards around the state,” Miller stated. “She’s looking a little dead in the water.”

And Miller says all you have to do is take a look at how other democrats in Texas are treating the races for Governor and Lt. Governor.

“Patrick is the race they will seize upon. They did seize upon the Governor’s race, but they’ve shifted their attention,” Miller told KTRH News.

However Ramsey Reid of Battleground Texas says that's not true.

“Wendy Davis and Leticia Van De Putte are playing to win. So is every Texas Democrat. That should be very, very clear,” Reid said. “They are not just running to run. We wouldn’t do this if we didn’t think winning was possible.”

The last Democrat to win statewide office was Bob Bullock in 1994. Bullock served as Lt. Governor under Ann Richards and George W. Bush.