A report suggesting Texas could add 180 million dollars to its economy by approving same-sex marriages isn't gaining too much traction here.  Texas Values President Jonathan Saenz says the Williams Institute, which released the study, is a well-known liberal propaganda machine at UCLA. 

Or, you could just compare the economies of the two states.

“California, where they perform homosexual marriages, their state has been rated one of the five worst for business,” Saenz says, “and I think that makes this case very clear.”

The study says as many as 23 thousand same-sex couples would get married in the first three years after the ban was eliminated.  Saenz counters, saying it is actually this state's traditional values which draw people and businesses here.

“People in Texas don't rely on California -- whose economy is in the tank - to give us advice about how we should run our business in Texas,” he explains.