Why wait to go to Starbucks for your morning coffee fix?  Colgate-Palmolive has applied for a patent for a toothbrush that would deliver the flavor of your choice on the bristles.  Coffee, for example.

The patent application identifies it as “a toothbrush that releases a chemical in to the mouth during use.”

Houston Dentist Dr. Steven Wolfson says the staining associated with coffee consumption wouldn’t be an issue.

“It’s other things in coffee that actually do the staining.  I think caffeine is relatively like a white powder.  Pure caffeine isn’t pigmented.  The coffee bean and the roasting process are the actual thing that stains the teeth,” Dr. Wolfson told KTRH.

Colgate-Palmolive also suggests it could be used as a delivery system for drugs.

“Interesting,” Dr. Wolfson says.  “I never thought about applying medication through a toothbrush but it makes sense because the mouth is mucosa.  Medication will penetrate through the mucosa or enter into the gums.  That’s an interesting concept.”

Medications or flavors would be delivered through a patch that is attached to the head of the brush.  Each patch would last about three months.