A quarter-million cable TV subscribers cut the coax last year, making 2013 the first year to see a decline.  That may just be the start.  Depauw University professor Jim McCall says there are several reasons for the decline in subscribers.  “They can find a lot of entertainment through other ways,” he says, “like online services, but I think the main thing is the cost is just going out of sight.”

McCall says the trend will continue, but there are ways cable services can save themselves, for instance, “Make a move toward what we call a la carte programming, where you could just have to pay as a consumer for the channels you want to watch,” McCall says.  “The cable companies would probably take a short-term hit on that, but they might get more people willing to stay on their service.”

People are reacting to prices and using other ways to find their entertainment.  Many are accessing television shows online and by using an HD antenna.