As you drive on the eastbound feeder road off 1-10, before you get to Wilcrest, there's a small patch of land where three American flags fly in front of a futon shop.  Right Futon,11313 Katy Freeway.

They represent a battle that was fought there, and the brave woman who won. 

Bobette Gonzales is a small business owner, the cornerstone of the American dream, an entrepreneur with a retail store that she operates with her daughter Cecily Warnke, and wanting to honor family members and others who have worn the uniform of their country in the armed forces with her display of American flags out front.  She wasn’t looking for a fight.  It found her.

“They’re not huge flags,” Gonzales told KTRH News.  “They’re not obstructing my neighbors’ signs or anything.  They’re very respectable and they’re the right size.”

In August Gonzales’ landlord informed her that her lease prohibited the flag display and that they would have to come down.  He showed up and removed the flags himself, and would have left with them had Cecily not stopped him and made him bring the flags into the shop.

It escalated to angry emails, hurt feelings and media attention – which is where Matt Patrick stepped in.  Matt fielded a phone call from the landlord Friday during which the gentleman said he would not remove the flags again, which was a white flag truce.  He too, cared about the men and women who serve our country.

“I’m happy that the issue was resolved,” says Gonzales. “I would like to get the word out that it was resolved so that Kagan is not going to continue getting ugly emails because they did the right thing and I appreciate it.  And I appreciate everyone’s support.  I’d like to keep our friendly professional relationship with Kagan and let everyone know I am grateful for how they resolved this.”