It may seem like an oxymoron but fast food giant Burger King is now selling healthier fries.

They are called "Satisfries" and contain fewer calories and less fat than their regular fried tuberous crop.  The new crinkle-cut fries come with a new chemical coating that supposedly reduces the amount of oil that the fries absorb.

Health and wellness expert Judy Gaman says despite the advertising, it is still fast food, "If someone has to tell you it's healthy, look out.  This is just another marketing ploy, putting the word healthy on something that is fried."

The new fries only have about 40 fewer calories and two fewer grams of fat.  Gaman says the coating is suspect in itself, "Anytime we're adding preservatives and coatings you name it, to an already bad thing to eat it just can't be good."

The new Satisfries went on sale earlier this week.  Gaman says that almost everything at fast food restaurants are not good for you.  Even the fruit options are loaded with chemicals to preserve their color.