Houstonians are emerging from its coldest night in decades.

"We're wrapping pipes and taking care of plants; leaving the vehicles running so they can stay warm.  Taking care of the pets and keeping them inside and just trying to do the best we can to stay warm."

Yet it didn't feel as bad last night as it did Monday morning.

"Winds are calm; that is the big difference for your this morning.  Yes, it is cold; yes, you need the heavy coat, and yes, we still do have a hard freeze warning. 

Meteorologist Eric Braate with our TV partner Local-2 says the hard freeze warning remains in effect until 9:00 am, so keep the pets indoors and the plants covered.

The operators of the state's electricity grid (ERCOT) called on Texans to conserve energy overnight as there was a spike in demand Sunday night.  Energy officials are worried about the possibility of rolling blackouts - a problem normally seen during the hottest days of summer.