Brazoria County is the latest local government to reject the idea of housing immigrant children from Central America.  Commissioners Court unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday which says the children would have an adverse affect on schools, public health and resources.

Dozens of protesters argued against the measure, some say it borders on racism.

“You have an overwhelming older, more Anglo, somewhat more affluent rural population expressing all sorts of fears,” says Dr. David Michael Smith, a former political science professor at the College of the Mainland.

Smith says these children are refugees who should be taken care of no matter what the cost.

“Its definitely going to cost us a few billion dollars minimum.  On the other hand, these are children, how can we do otherwise?” he asks.

“My own personal view is perhaps we ought to give up one or two of those advanced weapons systems the Pentagon says we can do without,” Smith tells KTRH News.

The non-binding resolution comes two weeks after officials in League City and Galveston County passed similar measures.  Like those, the Brazoria County resolution is symbolic and holds no legal standing.

Smith says it still send the wrong message.

“If you're a parent, and you feel like your kids are going to be killed or raped, or pressed into service with a terrorist drug gang, you can understand the parent reluctantly but necessarily saying maybe you should try to go to El Norte, maybe you should seek refuge in the United States,” he says.