Two young children were sitting inside of a car while their mother was inside of a gas station buying gas when a man opened the door to steal their mother's purse.

"Shocking, scary and sad," said Jose Alonso.

That's how 8-year old-Jose Alonso describes what happened to him and his family on their way to school. Around 7 a.m. on Thursday his mother had stopped to get gas at Buzzy Bee Gas Station on South Post Oak near the Sam Houston Toll way.

Surveillance footage captured  his mother walking inside, you can see a man pumping gas next to them, looking for his opportunity to strike.

"We were just watching him, like what is he doing, we were just looking at him, and I blink my eye, and I see him open the car door really fast, I told my sister just stay here, don't do anything," said Alonso.

In the video, Jose is seen fighting the snatcher for his mother's purse. He still managed to get away with the bag. 

VIDEO of Jose Alonso and the rest of this story from our television partner KPRC Local 2