As the national media starts to move away from the border crisis, and on to things they consider bigger stories, there are many in Texas who say the crisis at the border is as bad as it’s ever been.

Even the Census Bureau says so. Their own website indicates that one new migrant enters the country every 40 seconds. Immigration expert Janice Kephart told KTRH that rate might be understating the problem.

We have large patches of land where there is no border patrol right now, and we don’t actually know who is coming into the country,” Kephart said.

Border expert Sylvia Longmire told KTRH whatever Washington says they're doing to stop the problem isn't working.

“Our policies have been ineffective,” Longmire stated.

And then there's what’s been happening Willacy County, where an off-duty border patrol agent was killed last week by two illegals. Sheriff Larry Spence told KTRH the county is trying to recover.

“It’s not something that will go away anytime soon. They’ve lost a son. They’ve lost a father. They’ve lost a husband,” Spence said.

Spence telling KTRH they’ve had reports from ranchers that groups of illegals have been found on their ground with backpacks, and some of them have even been armed with rifles.

“It’s not something that happens regularly, but it happens. I’ve talked to people in other counties and they have had similar problems as well,” Spence explained.

But since the national media has moved on, it seems like the issue isn’t getting the attention it did just a few weeks ago.