Parents are outraged after a pep rally at Ridge Point High in Fort Bend ISD on Thursday night goes too far.

Spokemen for the school district said lights at the stadium's lights for a fireworks display that lasted seven minutes. During that time is when the inappropriate behaviour took place.

One football player tweeted, "The number of booty that was grabbed was unreal," and went on to write "I grabbed a total of seven." 

Another male student wrote, "Booty for centuries."

A parent at the pep rally and saw the tweets contacted KTRH television partner KPRC Local 2, asking to remain anonymous, telling them parents in attendance were concerned for the safety of the girls on the field. 

In a tweet, one girl said, "when the football players started dancing with us, I really felt like my world was about to end. Like my butt has never been grabbed so much." 

Another student tweeted, "I feel violated. Wth football players, it's dancing not a free rein to grab." 

Another girl said, "Uhm rape. That's what just happened." 

Click here for EXCLUSIVE video by KTRH televison partner KPRC Local 2.

A different student tweeted, "Debating bringing a rape whistle Saturday to keep you boys in check."

Fort Bend ISD Chief Communications Officer Nancy Porter issued the following statement Friday. 

"Last night, Ridge Point High School held a pep rally at the school’s stadium. At about 8:30 p.m., the lights in the stadium were turned off for about seven minutes for a fireworks display. There were approximately 100 adults and sponsors sitting with the students on the stadium field, and the adults were using their flashlights during the fireworks.

School officials have seen some disturbing tweets that several students sent after the event, and the school administration immediately began an investigation. At this time, none of the students or the sponsors have reported any misconduct at the event, and in a preliminary investigation none of the information shared in the tweets has been substantiated.

We take these allegations seriously, and school officials are working quickly to complete the investigation. Upon completion of the investigation, appropriate actions will be taken as necessary."