At night, before you go to bed and close the house down, do you ever give your cell phone or your tablet one last check?  Maybe make sure you’re up on all emails?  No messages on Linked In?  Read all the articles you meant to?  The blue light that comes from your modern gizmo’s could be making you fat.

New research out of Northwestern University, though with only ten participants, found a correlation between electronic blue light and a physiological appetite response.  Blue light made people hungry.

By Kristi King of Baylor University of Medicine says maybe the added weight isn’t caused by the blue lights.

“Well, is it the blue light that’s making you fat or is it that you’re not being physically active and you’re stuck to your phone, and you’re playing games on your phone, or you’re doing emails on your phone, versus being outside and walking?  Doing physical activity,” says King.

Sure.  It could be that.  Or it could be the sabotaging power of the blue light cracking your will power.

“The color blue is actually associated with decreased appetite,” King tells KTRH News. “If you eat on a blue plate or if you have a blue wall in your kitchen, there’s actually some studies that show that people consume less calories.”

King says because nature doesn’t supply very many blue foods, the color tends to be an appetite depressant.

Researchers in Northwestern Plan on doing more research.