A new study has found proof linking birth weight to your health later in life. The study says there could be, in the future, a blood test that could tell you how long you’ll live and what diseases you’ll deal with.

Those scientists say they've discovered a chemical fingerprint that could help you fight disease later in life. KTRH medical expert Dr. Joe Galati is skeptical.

“There are so many elements related to diet, your environment, smoking and other diseases that may not be completely represented by blood work,” Galati explained. But we do have some initial information that there are certain genes that you possess that put you at risk for cancer, heart disease and cholesterol problems.”

And when we asked you if you'd want to know how long you were going to live, let's just say we got some interesting answers.

One Houstonian said, “It’s very tempting, but at the same time that might be something you don’t want to know.

Another person told KTRH, “I don’t want to see the light coming. I want to be surprised.”

But we did find one person willing to take it.

“Yes I would. I could plan my life. I would only have to save so much money. That week that I would die, I’d leave my husband, take the money and go to the casino,” this Houstonian said.

Right now, you don't have to worry about making the decision about taking that blood test. If these scientists are right it'll take years before the test is available.