WWE wrestling impresario Vince McMahan says the WWE Network will stream the sweaty action 24/7 over the web to any device -- including tablets and smart phones -- for $10 a month.

Legendary Houston hall of fame wrestler Booker T says wrestling stays popular because it's great theater.

"We're Shakespeare; we're Romeo and Juliet; Phantom of the Opera."

Booker T says it's fair to call pro wrestling a soap opera for men.

"That's really what we draw our fans from; it's not just the wrestling it's the about the stories."

Booker T says the WWE Network will be successful because just about everything is going digital. He suspects this is how we'll watch all TV at some point.

"The world is changing; everything's going to the web now so I think in the next 20 years we may see CNN like this; ESPN -- it's gonna be huge."