More and more people are turning to their computers when they turn to the Bible.  A new survey by the American Bible Society finds that 41% of Americans use the internet to read the Bible, whether by computer, tablet, or smart-phone.

29% report that they used their cell phone to search for Bible verses.  17% use a Kindle.

Gregg Matte, Pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church has found the same experience in his congregation.  “I have definitely seen an upswing in internet use with the Bible, and that’s wonderful.  I think that’s great.  We have our phone with us everywhere we go; we have a tablet or iPad with us everywhere we go, so by default, we have a Bible with us everywhere we go.”

The version preferred by 38% of the 2,083 people surveyed was the King James version, with the new King James version the choice of 14%.

Pastor Matte says the members of his congregation most inclined to use some digital means of accessing the Bible are those 50 and below.  “There are a lot of 40-50 year olds, they use technology so much in their business and their interactions, it’s very natural for them.  So it’s not just teenagers.”

More than two-thirds (69%) does have some influence in their political leanings. 

Among those who are inclined to read the Bible once a week, 65% say they gave a lot of thought to how the scriptures could be applied to their own life, while 28% said they gave a little thought.