The next time you visit your butcher you may get some sticker shock.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says June beef prices hit an all-time high.  Right now the average price for a pound of ground chuck is at $3.91.  That is an increase of $1.42 a pound in the last 10 years.

Bill Hyman with the Texas Beef Council says the high prices are good for ranchers, "Well the supplies are down, and prices are up.  The ranchers for the first time in the world are starting to see a little black ink."

Hyman says as long as demand for beef stays strong the high prices will help ranchers who have had to contend with shrinking herds, high feed prices, and drought.

Beef isn't alone in the record-price department.  Bacon prices are also at an all-time high.  Last month the price for a pound of bacon rose to $6.11.  That is an increase of 6¢ in just one month.