TxDOT is currently accepting public comment on whether to raise the height of highway signs from 42.5 feet to 65.  Highway beautification advocates argue the signs already clutter scenic roadways, and raising the height will only make it worse.

Wes Gilbreath with Houston-based SignAd Outdoor says the proposed height limit is a standard in most states to allow access underneath.

“Whether there's roadways, or say it's a farmer on his tractor, they want to have enough clearance to get up under there,” Gilbreath tells KTRH News.

But Margaret Lloyd at Scenic Texas argues taller billboards will scare away wildlife and the light pollution at night will destroy premium dark skies.

“We don't have the luxury of enjoying those so much in Houston, Dallas or San Antonio,” says Lloyd.  “But when you get outside the major cities, the dark skies are a real asset.”

Gilbreath disagrees.

“They're just going to be a little taller, a little more elevated so where they'll be a little more visible,” he says.  “I don't foresee it affecting your view of the countryside at all.”

A decision by TxDOT is not expected until the end of July.