Kristin Dickerson, a childbirth instructor, says she must have misjudged her contractions.

Husband Troy was behind the wheel with a Go Pro camera strapped to his head driving to the hospital as fast as was safely possible when the contractions started coming closer together, and by the time they pulled into the valet parking area at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women the contractions were fast and furious.

As Kristin stepped from the car she could feel the baby’s head crowning and couldn’t move another step.  Troy called for help, coached her on pushing, and was there for the all-important catch when Truett Law Dickenson made his entry into the world.

It’s not the first baby born in the lot, according to RN Judy Husband, a House Supervisor at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women. 

“We’ve had several delivers in our valet area, usually in the patient’s vehicle.  They just don’t quite make it in time and moms just aren’t able to get out of their vehicle.  They are in too much pain. They know the delivery is imminent.  We have a wonderful delivery response team that responds to these types of emergencies. And we’ve had several deliveries in our valet area in vehicles and I can say they’ve all come out very well,” says Husband.

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After the first parking birth, they installed a one-push call button in the lobby that alerts the entire delivery response team, and Husband says it has really improved their response time and patient care.

She says they’ve had deliveries in elevators, the anteroom outside elevators, and other spots between the parking lots and delivery rooms.

Kristin Dickenson is home recovering, and baby Truett looks very health.  As he grows up, the family will definitely have a story to tell about the day Truett Law was born.