Google says tech-savvy Austin will be the next city to receive the search giant's ultra-fast Internet service starting next year.

Google on Tuesday did not reveal how much Austin customers will pay for Google Fiber. The gigabit Internet service is about 100 times faster than a basic cable modem.

"The things that have been going in Austin over the course of the last few years has been nothing less than world-changing, and it’s been exciting to be a part of it and watch it," said Governor Rick Perry.  "

Perry says Austin already is home to several hi-tech companies, and Google's fiber-optic network makes the region that much more attractive for others to move in.

"For these types of companies, a connection with the Internet is the air that they breathe, the faster and more stable, the better," said Perry.  "Google Fiber brings another option for these companies."

Last summer, Kansas City became the first metro area in the U.S. to receive Google Fiber. Customers there pay $70 a month for the top-speed connection.

Milo Medin, who heads up Google Fiber, says the company will begin identifying Austin neighborhoods to install the service in 2014.

"When we connect those residents, we'll also connect a bunch of local public institutions -- schools, libraries, hospitals, community centers -- all at a gigabit, and all at no charge," said Medin.