While some illegal immigrants who have crossed the border into Texas are sticking around while their cases play out, there is one Texas city that’s decided to try to help them out in their everyday lives.

That city is Austin, where the City Council on Thursday unanimously approved a plan to look into the idea of giving illegals and others identification cards. Council member Laura Morrison explained to KTRH why this is a good idea.

“Some folks who don’t have ID might have trouble getting jobs or getting public utility accounts,” Morrison said. “And if the police stop you, you need to prove who you are. If you can’t, they take you to jail.”

But some fear that it could be problematic since the identities in some cases can't be verified.

“They cause more problems than they solve. They allow people to create new identities for themselves that can’t be verified,” Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies told KTRH.

Morrison understands there are questions about the proposal.

“There are issues that we need to deal with and that’s why we kicked off the effort to have this discussion,” Morrison explained.

No final decisions will be made for a couple of months. We reached out to Mayor Annise Parker's office to see if there has been a similar idea thrown out in Houston. Her office said there has been "no similar discussion here."