The city of Austin bans the use of cell phones, mp3 players and other electronic devices while driving or biking.

Attorney Cleve Clinton says he's not surprised since more than 20 Texas cities -- including Houston -- already have bans on texting.

“But Austin, El Paso, and Corpus Christi are probably the only ones I know, at least of the larger cities, that have a ban that extends beyond texting to the use of a telephone or wireless device,” Clinton tells KTRH News.

Brian Manley, assistant police chief in Austin, says the ban is needed to reduce accidents.

“The difficulties we have with congestion, any distraction increases the likelihood that you're going to be involved in a crash,” Manley said.

However, California put a similar ban in place six years ago, and while studies have shown use of electronics while driving dropped, there was no significant decrease in the number of accidents.

Whether Houston passes a similar law or not, Clinton says you're just better off not doing it.

“For the likelihood of getting a ticket, but also practically, if you're involved in an accident there's a greater presumption of your negligence,” he says.

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