Remember everything your parents taught you about saving, spending and growing your money? Well, financial planners now say you might want to rethink them.

And in many cases, some of you already are. Financial planner Bill Dendy says one thing that's changed is that people aren't parking their money in savings accounts the way they used to.

“We are seeing that checking accounts pay more than savings accounts,” Dendy told KTRH. It makes sense on many occasions to move your money and operate strictly out of a checking account.”

And if you need a new car, you might be thinking about saving a few bucks and going with a used one. Dendy says that might not be the right move in the long run.

“If you were a saver you would buy used every time. But people are finding that buying new is not that much more expensive, especially when you consider maintenance,” Dendy explained. “It’s not as clear as it used to be, and that’s the point. It used to be very clear that if you were a saver, you’d buy a used car.”

And there is another trend developing in the world of small businesses. Companies aren’t using business credit cards the way they used to. Dendy says their individual cards are getting a workout.

“The individual user will see their rates locked in. Business cards can see their rates go up at any time,” Dendy stated.

So why are these attitudes changing? Dendy says you can thank low interest rates, Obamacare, the stimulus and higher taxes.