After the three worst seasons in the team's once-proud history, the Houston Astros need to show their fans something this summer.  Astros spring training just got underway.  Sports-Talk 7-90 host Matt Thomas the Astros can't afford to lose 100 games for a fourth straight season.

“It's not a fan base that's mad, it's just, they've gone away,” Thomas says.  “I think this year has to be the year that people start turning back to the baseball team and start showing some interest.”

The team has a lot of good, young players making their way up to the major league level.  If there is early success, some prospects could also be traded for some help.  Thomas says the fans need a reason to pay attention to the Astros.

How many games will they win?

“At the end of the day, if they can avoid 100 (losses),” he says.  “I think it will be a small victory, but I'll tell you this, you want a bigger victory, you want people going back to the games, you want people to start to talk about the Astros.