The Astros claim Comcast SportsNet Houston is trying to pull one over on the fans.  The team this week asked a federal judge to dismiss CSN's bankruptcy filing claiming the network has money, it just doesn't want to pay what it already owes the Astros, or even what the team considers fair market value on cable television rights.

“Now would be the time we need that money to invest in the team and fill those holes to make us more competitive,” says Astros owner Jim Crane who says the team only has received informal verbal offerings from the network.

Comcast was the only cable provider carrying the Astros and Rockets last season, now the Astros believe the network is trying squeeze them out of negotiations altogether.

“If it goes into bankruptcy then the highest bidder can win, and there will be other parties interested in this situation, if there isn't already,” Crane tells KTRH News. “And we could be interested.”

CSN won't comment on the Astros' filing.  A ruling is expected later this month.

“This is all about putting championship caliber baseball on the field,” says Crane.  “This deal needs to get straightened out.”

“We're not going to cut a long-term bad deal,” he says.  “It would be devastating for the franchise, the city of Houston and particularly the fans.”