Astros owner Jim Crane says he never wants to sue, but he has accused former team owner Drayton McLane, Comcast and NBC Universal with fraud and civil conspiracy.  Crane is alleging breach of contract.  Comcast-NBC Universal says Crane has buyer’s remorse after paying 615 million dollars for the team.  Crane disputes that.

“We do not have buyer's remorse,” he answers.  “We're very happy we own the team and will continue to be happy.   And, we'll work our way through this, and the rest of it, I guess we'll sort it out in court.”

Crane says false and misleading claims about the ability of CSN-Houston to make money were made during the purchase process.  No firm dollar figure was placed on the suit filed in state court last Thursday, but Crane says it could be into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

“I'll tell you, from a business point of view, you never want to litigate,” Crane says.  “From a business point of view, you want to get it resolved, and so sometimes it takes a little force to get everybody to the table.”