Members of the Armed Citizen Project say they’re not getting any direct response to their requests for U.S. Senator John Cornyn to change his mind about Obamacare.  They say they want the Texas Republican to support fellow Texan Ted Cruz in the effort to defund the health care reform law. 

Project founder Kyle Coplen says the response from Cornyn’s Houston office has been unsatisfying so far…

“They've painted John Cornyn as a master strategist who, you know, we just don't know what's good for us (but) he does,” explains Coplen.  “It's really a lot of elitist talk.”

Coplen thinks Cornyn is ignoring those he should be listening to.  He says Democrats are always telling their supporters what they want to hear.

“They (Democrats) spent quite a good deal of their time pandering,” says Coplen.  “Unfortunately, the establishment, moderate Republicans, spends zero of their time pandering to the base.  The left panders to the left and we also pander to the left, and it's really unfortunate.”

Several members of the Houston-based Armed Citizen Project spent a good portion of Thursday on the sidewalk outside Cornyn’s Houston office.  They used a loudspeaker to play parts of Cruz’s filibuster from earlier this week on the Senate floor.