By now you’ve heard about the accusations made by a University of Houston student against Houston Texans star running back Arian Foster. But new information today indicates Brittany Norwood might be taking them back.

Norwood and her lawyers went to court last week, seeking a restraining order against Foster. Norwood claims she’s pregnant with Foster’s child and that the running back has been pressuring her to end the pregnancy.

Norwood now says it didn't happen the way her lawyers said it did.

“I’m not going to sit here and be ok. The papers said ‘harassment.’ I was never in fear of my life around you,” Norwood said in an alleged phone call with Foster posted by TMZ Sports.  “You never harassed me. Something in here needs to be changed because it’s not fair.”

TMZ, has audio of that supposed call. And it looks like Norwood is blaming her lawyers for everything.

“He said it was just to get the ball rolling and then if we settle outside of court it never goes public,” Norwood said, apparently throwing her own lawyers under the bus. “I’m sorry there are papers. I was told they weren’t going to go anywhere.”

And Norwood seems to be trying to patch things up with Foster.

“You’re still the father of my child. You’re still going to be a role model to our child. Do you think I would let anybody desecrate your name?” Norwood asked?

The two sides were in court last week. The judge in the case ordered both sides to stay away from each other. That, apparently, was before this latest phone call.